Speed Plan

Initial Plan

  1. Backup site and database
  2. Run speed test for baseline
  3. Remove all plugins that are inactive
  4. Remove Genesis plugins not being used
  5. Deactivate AutoOptimize
  6. Remove One Click Demo Import
  7. Deactivate Related Posts
  8. Install ShortPixel (remove / deactivate Smush)
  9. Run ShortPixel on all images
  10. Run speed test to see the difference

Final Hour

  1. See if SiteGround will update interface (maybe not possible “WebP support will be available once we migrate your account to Site Tools.”
  2. Backup site and database
  3. Change out WooCommerce for EDD

Other options

  1. Check how fast on other hosting
  2. disable all plugins and enable one by one to see if anything else is adding to it

Breakdown of load time

This is a video from GT Metrix at the first green line your user can start scrolling and reading the page. They can get to the content which is the most important. The loading keeps happening as ads load and images load but by then your user has scanned the article and knows they want to read it well and stay on the page.

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